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Warrington Flood Appeal

 Update 27/01/2021

Dear All,

Thank you to everyone who has liked, shared, posted and donated to the Warrington Flood Appeal

It was obviously a massive concern for us that the monies donated will be used in the right way and represent the intensions of the donors.

We have spent a long time speaking to various agencies including, the local schools, Warrington Wolves Foundation, Homestart, Warrington Voluntary Action and Torus Group who have a lot of social housing in the affected areas.

In short we wanted the monies to go to a registered charity who was best placed to implement the short, medium and long term needs of those effected with total accountability as to the distribution of funds.

We have decided to make an interim £10,000 donation to Care UK charity https://www.careukcharity.org.uk/

This is a local charity originally set up to help refugees but has developed over time to assisting local families in need. They already have a footprint in the community and work with and know a lot of the families affected. They can deliver everything from food, clothing and sanitary products (short term need) to furniture, electrical goods, linen etc when the time comes for people to move back in (medium to long term need).

The other charities we spoke to actually signposted us to them as being recognised as the best outlet for our funds. We have since qualified our intention with the other charities and they agree that this is a good choice.

Three members of our committee have interviewed the leader of the charity and we are all satisfied that this donation will go in the right direction. The monies will be placed in a separate bank account, used only for victims of the floods and receipts will be provided by the charity if required along with how the funds have been allocated.

The monies can only be released 14 days after the creation of the fund so we are hoping to release the monies a week on Friday (5th February). The fund is ever increasing but given the nature of the problem and that the needs of the families in many cases are immediate we have decided to pledge the funds so they know what they can spend straight away from their own resources and we will then draw them down and send them across when we can.

A huge concern for us is how the children have been effected and the schools have been doing amazing work – we are trying to come up with a scheme that can provide help there but we don’t know the best way of doing it yet.  

We have spent a long time talking to people and trying to navigate the problem of distribution of the funds. We know that we will not be able to please all the people all the time but we are doing the best that we can and understand the obligation to those who have donated funds.